Juan José Egúsquiza & Juan Pablo Egúsquiza

Feb. 2020

Duo Exhibition of Juan José Egúsquiza and Juan Pablo Egúsquiza, twin brothers, dedicated to visual and sound arts, using traditional techniques and new means of digital expression. They have found through art an expressive connection that helps them interpret and connect with this world, and thus generate parallel realities. Although they do not share the same physical space, since they are located in different cities, they maintain a strong bond and connection because they have grown together, which is reflected in their understanding and perception of the surroundings.


Milagros Arias Secada

May 2019

Travels between dreams and other realities of the Peruvian artist Milagros Arias Secada. 


Belén Monó & Lucas Rueckner

Nov. 2018

Too Heavy Too Deep

Rogine Moradi and Malina Vaagt

Oct. 2018


curated by Egor Dmitriev, Maria Pavlova

Nov. 2018

Holstogram is an international group exhibition of paintings inspired by Instagram. This concept was developed by a group of contemporary painters from Moscow. Instagram as a virtual space, created by images. That was the starting point of this project. The professional and unprofessional artists united by their expressionism in a blog. A flow of contents and messages.

Clear Cut

Group Show

Nov. 2017


José Carlos Velayarse

Oct. 2017

In the oil colour tumbles, which in great waves and baths of paint these pictures offer us, that which you now read, is the drama which I lyrically describe, when translating the epic of whom is painting them. Here, neither you, nor I, paint a single thing, and this that annoys we see it…Velayarse. He is the one who leaves nothing without painting. No one will ever be able to say he didn’t paint.

Mariano Zuzunaga, 2017


Paola Picazo and Doris Steinbichler

Dec. 2017

Performance palomazo* by Paola Picazo (Mx/At): Tanz + Grafik

Doris Steinbichler (At/Mx): Sound + Visuals

*palomazo, el : eine spontane künstlerische Aktion mit mehreren Künstlern 


Alfredo Ledesma

Oct. 2016

NOMADE is a solo exhibition of Alfredo Ledesma Quintana, which includes works produced over a period of two years. The exhibition shows us in the collective imaginary a worldview based on the artist’s relationship with nature, mankind and his environment. Ledesma Quintana searches through action and exploration—similar to archaeological research—the transit, experience and memory follow a series of clues that partially guide his work towards building a complex social panorama.


Lorena Arévalo – Diego Bejar – Imayna Cáceres – Sergio Dapello – Juan Pablo Eguzquiza – Alfredo Ledesma – Verena Melgarejo – Christian Murzek – Intiñan Ontiveros – David Osthoff – Paola Picazo – Michaela Putz – Mariana Sánchez – María Trabulo – Maco Vargas – José Carlos Velayarse.

Dec. 2015

The exhibition at Blütengasse 9 presents different concepts and visions of the understanding of space. “TERRITORY” poses questions about definitions of landscape, nature and space in relation to the urban environment with its density and sound backdrops as well as the location of humans in these spaces.